Private label Herbal medicine manufacturer

Private label Herbal medicine manufacturer in India 

We at Dev Lifesciences, have developed world class healthcare products which are 100% Safe & Natural. Our products are free from any side effects. Manufacturing of our products is overseen by our specialised doctors, scientists, manufacturing specialists and quality experts, each one dedicated to maintaining the highest quality standards. We have been able to achieve breakthroughs in reversing lifestyle related diseases. Our dedication towards quality, consistency & scientific research has resulted in healthcare solutions of unrivalled excellence. We are the leading Private label Herbal medicine manufacturer in India.

At Dev Lifesciences, we are also the leading Private label Ayurvedic medicine manufacturer in India and Ayurvedic medicine contract manufacturers.

Dev Lifescience, is an organisation which provides various health-care solutions to our clients and patients for the betterment of the society. Our dedication towards creating quality product is always a priority. We have been consistently providing quality products in the market. We focus on scientific research to provide the best health-care solution. We have a holistic approach while working towards our goals. Our motto is to provide better health-care to people and contribute to a healthy lifestyle within the society. All this makes us the best Private label Herbal medicine manufacturer in India.

With the countless number of patients who are suffering from diabetes, hypertension (blood pressure), cardiac ailments, arthritis and treating patients with Cancer, Infertility, Kidney failure, Hepatitis, Liver disorders, Thyroid and endocrine disorders, derma disorders, and many dreaded diseases; We have been able to achieve breakthroughs in reversing lifestyle related diseases in various patients.

We at Dev LifeSciences have developed the medicines which are 100% Safe & Natural in nature. Unlike Allopathic medicines which have many side effects, our medicines are safe. Medicines which we provide are free from any kind of side effects. At Dev Lifescience our skilled and experienced doctors, scientists, manufacturing specialists, and quality experts, each oversee the manufacturing process of the medicines. Our well-qualified and dedicated team who work hard have made us the best Private label Herbal medicine manufacturer in India.

As part of our commitment to quality, we only use ingredients which meets our stringent Quality Norms, as well as GMP quality standards. At Dev Lifesciences, every product is subjected to numerous quality tests and manufacturing process to verify purity and full potency. As an added measure of quality assurance, the initial ingredients, as well as the final product are tested in our microbiological laboratory to make sure that the product is pure and free of harmful bacterias. Our high qaulity standards make us the most trustworthy Private label Herbal medicine manufacturer in India.

Our Manufacturing Range

We at Dev Lifesciences are manufacturing medicines for uplifting the health-care sector in our community. Our manufacturing unit consists of plants which have been verified by the WHO (World Health Organization) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). The medication is manufactured and delivered to the potential pharmacy and the organization is following forms:



Topicals – Ointments/Creams/Lotions/Gels/Oils

Powders and Granules

Herbal Extracts

Kwaths & Griht

Soft Gel Capsules

Our Manufacturing Policies

  • We do complete analysis and quality check of raw materials in the manufacturing unit to ensure our final product is delivered flawless and authentic, of prescribed quality and free from microbial contamination.

  • The manufacturing unit takes care of complete process which compiles with Standard operating procedures as prescribed to maintain the industry and quality standards in the market.

  • All the processes in the manufacturing unit are periodically validated, calibrated and upgraded as per the requirement of the clients.

  • We have a team which is totally dedicated to, Quality Control & Quality Assurance at every stage of the manufacturing process.

  • The manufactured products are only released after they adhere to stringent International quality standards (HALAL & KOSHER).

  • We manufacture products, without any adulteration and our all products are free of pesticides & heavy metals and are Non-GMO.

All this makes us the best Private label Herbal medicine manufacturer in India.

Regulatory capabilities and Research & Development

  • Dossiers / Literature is provided for all products as per individual country requirements.

  • We provide the certificate of Analysis for every batch of the products manufactured in our manufacturing units.

  • In-house & outside stability trials are completely taken care of, by us.

  • We have a team of experienced staff to handle every stage of the manufacturing process from scratch to end.

  • We are having an In-House quality control department and tie-ups to make sure quality isn’t compromised at any point of time. Our analytical laboratory is delivering the best and effective products to our potential supplier.

  • Our experts are working regularly, in Cloning & Development of products.

All this makes us the best Private label Herbal medicine manufacturer in India.

Dev Lifesciences is globally respected & accepted among its clients in the market, for manufacturing quality products. The trust gained by us, by providing quality of products has resulted in the company’s elaborate quality control systems which ensure only the best raw material is used to manufacture every product. Ingredients are thoroughly analyzed to select the material of the highest grade and quality, which ensure in-process material maintains the right process parameters.

Quality Control and Quality Assurance

We manufacture premium quality products with total quality management and total quality compliance, we also provide validation through independent laboratory testing. We provide our clients Total Quality Assurance.

Why Dev Lifesciences?

We are trying to boost up health care industry by doing research and development for making new medicines, the medicines which we make are 100% safe and natural without any side effects in them. With every step of building our business strong, we are raising our standards as well in terms of quality and quantity both. We make sure we as a brand enhance our standards by measuring our business, operations and work ethics with respect to the health-care industry. We are the leading Private label Herbal medicine manufacturer in India.

Deeply Committed To Work Excellence and Value

Our team consist of talented people working dedicatedly towards the vision of the organization which is to deliver the finest services for the cause of life. We adhere to contribute our bit to the health care industry. Hence, our team works religiously to serve the purpose of making human life better by providing them medication without any side effects, which is improving the quality of health care products. All this makes us the best Private label Herbal medicine manufacturer in India.

Our product is a star in the market, with the help of effective marketing strategies and goal oriented driven team. Both product and marketing strategies allowed us to create the PAN India Association with all the consultants, Pharmacy, Doctors and many more important people and institutions. We are blessed with the product and have worked hard in the market to make it work well.

  • We are utilizing, the latest and innovative health care technologies to improve the processes of the fine quality of medicines.

  • We are having business transformations with the ever-changing medical industry.

  • We consistently introduce new and essential health products required in the market.

  • We have been certified by WHO GMP, certified plants and ISO 9001-2015.


Private Label Manufacturing / Third Party Manufacturing / Contract Manufacturing is the essence of pharmaceutical industry. Pharma industry has shown tremendous growth due to various reasons, main reason being that production on large scale is possible through Private Label Manufacturing / Third Party Manufacturing / Contract Manufacturing. Private Label Manufacturing / Third Party Manufacturing / Contract Manufacturing in pharma is like outsourcing manufacturing of pharma products to provide products to the potential clients.

We are a Private label Herbal medicine manufacturer in India. Third Party Manufacturing Pharma refers to the process in which a firm / company / organization hires a contractor for manufacturing of goods according to clients design and formulas. Private Label Manufacturing / Third Party Manufacturing Pharma / Contract Manufacturing is a model adopted by companies, which are ranging from small scale to large scale industries.

These days, industries are focusing on core product and it’s development. They generally, hire or outsource third party manufacturer for bulk consignment to it’s logistics process as well. The reason to hire Private Label Manufacturing / Third Party Manufacturing Pharma / Contract Manufacturing can be spare production capacity. When the production is not fully utilized then manufacturer looks for alternative to use the existing production facility.

This setup is very beneficial for both the parties for business. The Trader and Client can focus on their core business and develop the core business whereas third party manufacturer solely focus on manufacturing the product under their (Client) label and with their (Client) formula and design.


Win-Win Situation for both Parties: A Private Label / Third Party Manufacturer / Contract Manufacturer is a party who manufactures the product at bulk for many clients as they buy raw material in bulk and at very reasonable price. Hence, the production cost decreases and this is a win-win situation for both client as well as third party manufacturer.

High Quality Products: The Private Label / Third Party Manufacturer / Contract Manufacturer, tend to manufacture high quality product as they will be producing such many products in bulk to get more consignments in future. Producing pharmaceutical products is very sensitive issue and needs to be taken care from start to end. The experts are very much well adverse with their job as they deal with such conditions and technologies on daily basis.

No Expenses for Promotion: The Private Label / Third Party Manufacturer / Contract Manufacturer are into B2B business and don’t need to spend on advertisement and marketing.

No Capital Investment on Plants and Machineries: The third party inventory doesn’t need to make any capital investment on plants and machineries.

Private Label / Third Party Manufacturer / Contract Manufacturer is a party which has been hired by some company / firm to manufacture products on their behalf. We at Dev Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd. have levelled the game up of Private Label Manufacturing / Third Party Manufacturing / Contract Manufacturing in pharmaceutical industry. We offer Private Label / Third Party Manufacturing / Contract Manufacturing service to firms who want to manufacture products under their own brand name.

We at Dev Lifesciences do Private label Herbal medicine manufacturing in India in forms such as Tablets, Capsules, Liquid, Soft Gel Capsules and various other pharmaceutical products which is demanded by our clients. We invite firms who wants to get pharma products manufactured as per industry standards in bulk at very reasonable price, under their own brand name.

Our Business Model

We are manufacturing medication for health care products, these products are manufactured for all the potential clients. We are providing these products and finishing our consignment as Private Label / Third Party Manufacturing company / Contract based manufacturing company / White Label Manufacturing company/ Company for the Outsourcing manufacturing process.

We have state of art manufacturing unit with automated production line which is capable to manufacture Capsules, Tablets, Syrups, Ointments, Powders and Soft Gel Capsules. We have manufactured more than 300 products under different private labels and we are having a global footprint in many countries as well. We provide different outsourcing models according to the requirements and demands of our clients.

Our Commitments

Quality: Stringent Quality control standards have been adopted as per ISO and GMP Standards.

Confidentiality: We practice strict and confidential process with respect to formulas specifications, and various other sensitive information.

Services: Through our state of art manufacturing capacity, we can ensure a quick turnaround of quality products across the an-large range of customization possibilities which we provide to our potential clients.

Cloning / Knock-offs: Provide us your sample with the label for testing purpose. We’ll modify it and make sure all the requirement which you suggest will be taken care of while manufacturing.

Competitive Prices: We provide premium quality of products without any side-effects at a very reasonable price, our prices are very much competitive in the market.

Turnaround Time: We have a well-equipped manufacturing unit which is operated by skilled and dedicated employees, we are trained to handle pressure with grace and meet all the deadlines.

Facilities: We have a manufacturing facility, with automated production line capable to manufacture Tablets, Capsules, Ointments, Syrups, Powder and Soft Gel Capsules. We keep on upgrading your technologies and educate our employees, how to operate them with time.

Location: We are having national as well as international presence. It’s very easy to reach out to us. We’re always, one phone call away to have a cup of coffee with you and discuss the further business.

Our Assurance To You

We are having a very strong foundation in the industry as we have been associated with lots of various clients and delivered amazing projects which lead to gain in trust for a lifetime. It’s rewarding and awarding at the same time, that our clients are willing to do business with us.

The trust and the bond which we have received was built on the basis of Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Customer Acceptances and Continuity in customer relationship by assuring.

Quality Assurance & Quality Controls

Proper Documentation

Proper Process & Validation


Third party assurance

Private label Herbal medicine manufacturer in India

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