Third Party Manufacturer

We are third party manufacturing pharma or one can say contract manufacturer as well. Third Party Manufacturing Pharma refers to the process in which a firm / company / organization hires a contractor for manufacturing of goods according to clients design and formulas. Third Party Manufacturing Pharma / Contract Manufacturing is a model adopted by companies, which are ranging from small scale to large scale industries.

At Dev Lifesciences, we are also the leading Third Party Herbal medicine manufacturers in India andThird Party Ayurvedic medicine manufacturers in India.

These days, industries are focusing on core product and it’s development. They generally, hire or outsource the third party to manufacture bulk amount of consignment to it’s logistics process as well. The reasons for Third Party Manufacturing Pharma / Contract Manufacturing can be spare production capacity. When the production is not fully utilized then manufacturer looks for alternative to use the existing production facility.

This setup is very beneficial for both the parties for business. The Trader and Client can focus on their core business and develop the core business whereas third party manufacturer solely focus on manufacturing the product under their (Client) label and with their (Client) formula and design.

Third Party Manufacturing / Contract Manufacturing is the essence of pharmaceutical industry. Pharma industry has shown tremendous growth due to various reasons, main reason being that production on large scale is possible through Third Party Manufacturing / Contract Manufacturing. Third Party Manufacturing / Contract Manufacturing in pharma is like outsourcing manufacturing of pharma products to provide products to the potential clients.


  • Win-Win Situation for both Parties: A Third Party Manufacturer is a party who manufacture the product at bulk for many clients as they buy raw material in bulk and at very reasonable price. Hence, the production cost decreases and this is a win-win situation for both client as well as third party manufacturer.
  • High Quality Products: The Third Party Manufacturer, tend to manufacture high quality product as they will be producing such many products in bulk which has to be flaw-less to get more consignments in future. Producing pharmaceutical products is very sensitive issue and needs to be taken care from start to end. The experts are very much well adverse with their job as they deal with such conditions and technologies on daily basis.
  • No Expenses for Promotion: The third party manufacturer are into B2B business and doesn’t need to spend on advertisement and marketing.
  • No Capital Investment on Plants and Machineries: The third party inventory doesn’t need to make any capital investment on plants and machineries.

Third party manufacturer is party which has been hired by some company / firm to manufacture products on their behalf. We at Dev Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd. has level up the game of Third Party Manufacturing in pharmaceutical industry. We offer third party manufacturing for firms who want products to be manufactured under their own brand name.

We are manufacturing pharmaceutical products such as Tablets, Capsules, Liquid, Soft Gel Capsules and various other pharmaceutical products which is demanded by our clients. We invite firms who wants to get pharma products manufactured as per industry standards in bulk at very reasonable price, under their own brand name. You’re most welcome, we would love to take you ob-board.

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